Providing a quality education which allows us to develop happy boys and girls, committed with their families, their community, and country. Children who are capable of solving the problems they will be facing in the new century, active, creative, free and safe for themselves, responsible and critical, but above all, with a desire to learn forever.

Centro Educativo San Agustin is a Private Educational Center, recognized by the Ministry of Education since 1990.

An institution that promotes excellence in education, encouraging the development of values and attitudes that allow the formation of individuals, aware of their rights and responsibilities, capable of facing the challenges of a changing new world, without neglecting the sense of solidarity toward nature, giving great emphasis to ecological and social values.

Our institution works under the direction of highly trained personnel, which implements the programs that guarantee the integral formation of children, in accordance with their interests and capabilities.

We take care about offering quality in the services we provide, in our educational organization, academic excellence and formative, human development, warmth in customer service, professional quality in the classrooms, as well as in each of our activities.

Our education this based on:

  • Order
  • Discipline
  • commitment
  • Love