Constructivist Methodology

Our Methodology is based on ludic activities, considering the game as the most important childhood activity very spontaneous, pleasant, and creative. The child through the game will develop the language, one of the main connections with the inner self, with others and the surroundings. To play implies a main objective: to enjoy and learn, integrating goals and a natural learning process

The objectives, goals or products may or may not be met, depending on the resolution; satisfactory or not, of the difficulties that resulted from the burden.The pleasure caused by the fulfillment of the goals set at work, are in close relationship with their own assessment, (With the maturity of obstacles and the realization of goals), there is where lies the pleasure for work. In case of the game, the pleasure is deposited in the unloading of energies. The game is the pleasure for the pleasure; but also the work itself, as activity, can generate pleasure.


  • Provide opportunities for learning and development in all fields of Conduct: social, emotional, intellectual and physical.
  • Channeling this developments, and learning through creative activities.
  • Channel a real situation of the game, that allows to express genuine experiences.

Within the field of conduct, they could be explained in the following way:


  • The child from within a game perspective could share: situations, materials, projects, form order habits, and care for the material.


  • The child from within a situation of game:
  • Respect and value his work and others.
  • Learn to choose according to their interests.
  • Develop a sense of growing responsibility.
  • Become aesthetically sensitized.
  • To adopt a more independent altitude from the adult.

Intellectual: The child, from a game situation could:

  • Explore, experience, investigate, and acquire new knowledge, according to their age
  • organize the reality
  • Acquire the foundations for formal learning

Physical: The child, from a game situation could:

  • Develop psychomotor skills.
  • Acquire and exercise manual skills.
  • Acquire a good management of their body in space.