Our curriculum offers 21 weekly classes in the area of Spanish in which we teach the fundamental lessons that must be carried out according to our curriculum, which is strengthened with extracurricular lessons of yoga, gymnastics, swimming, art, music, farm and orchard. Parallel to this, we provide a broad bilingual development that integrates the subjects from a holistic approach in an average of 21 weekly lessons.

Family environment that offers an emotional security climate, and warmth.
Individualized atention with groups from 10 to 15 students.
Constructivist teaching, focused on promoting integral development.
Promoting innovative reading programs that seek to favor the spoken and written language.
Working with comprehension strategies, that helps develop the acquisition of knowledge.
Ample bilingual education..
Education in environmental consciousness through concrete activities, such as farming, orchard, and recycling classes.
Training in values it promotes the internalization of habits and norms.
Teaching sign language .
Teaching of visual arts and music.
Strengthening motor skills by means of gymnastics, and yoga

We offer :

  • Qualify teachers with higher professional achievements and ample curriculum.
  • Medical emergency services.
  • INS medical student insurance
  • Facilities with broad green areas.
  • Computer lab with Internet access.
  • Babysitting services
  • Transportation services
  • Farm
  • Swimming pool.