1. Emotional and social education, cognitive and psychomotrive, appropriate to the level and the age of each student.
  2. Curriculum focused toward an integrated education.
  3. Visual arts and fine motor skills, fun and very concrete.
  4. Musical therapy, traditional music and corporal expression.
  5. Development of oral and written language, with the best learning strategies from maternal until primary.
  6. Leisure activities combined with the contents and topics of M.E.P.
  7. Values, habits, and norms needed to be a respectful, and loving children of their country.
  8. Swimming in all levels: scientific investigations have found that swimming in children will help in their psychomotor development, strengthens the cardiorespiratory system, helps the immune system, increases the IQ, and improves and strengthens the emotional relationships, and cognitive skills of the child.
  9. Computer at all levels with special programs and Internet access.
  10. Gymnastics at all levels: this activity improves self-esteem, autonomy, and security in children, enhances the development of their brain functions, their intelligence, creativity, and imagination.
  11. Soccer club and ballet.
  12. Garden: through the garden, children learn to develop an entrepreneurial culture, to work as a team, to plan joint activities, and to define common achievements. It also promotes care for the environment, to develop cultivation horticultural practices, as well as promoting proper management and sustainable natural resources.
  13. Farm: contact, and care for farm animals.
  14. All the classes are included in the monthly price.
  15. Small Groups with individualized attention, allows the students to get maximum learning, and teachers can give them the support they need.